rain cloud

the most focussed weather device yet

Raincloud was an exploratory project
by Tom, Martin and Dev, run between 2014 an 2017.


Raincloud was exhibited at The Good Home at the Digital Catapult Centre and at the V&A Digital Design Weekend during London Design Festival.

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The project

The prototype

Raincloud tells you whether it's going to rain in the next few hours near its current location.

By simply glancing across the room, you'll know what the weather will be - no need to take out your smartphone!

Single-purpose objects

Raincloud is an exploration of calmer, more considered integration of technology and data in the home. Instead of requiring active interaction, we're interested in single-purpose objects providing information as part of the environment.

One of our questions is about the right amount of functionality for a single-purpose product.

Subscription hardware

We're also interested in an approach to hardware that is environmentally conscious. A circular model would decrease landfill and dormant tech products.

But, are people willing to subscribe to a piece of hardware as opposed to owning it?


Tom Metcalfe

Martin Charlier

Devraj Joshi